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New robovac makes cleaning effortless


The latest addition to Miele's family of appliances is proof that we are entering a new The Jetsons-style world. The Scout RX1, a fully automatic vacuum cleaner, takes care of all your cleaning needs. Developed in collaboration with a robotics specialist, this dynamic invention incorporates a systematic navigation system that directs it around an interior, ensuring all areas are covered. 20000108968-highres

'With this robovac product, Miele is fairly and squarely placing the focus on the quality of cleaning and user convenience,' says Liam Gawne, specialist at Miele.
The navigation system relies on an in-built Gyro sensor, which measures rotation and changes direction. A high-quality onboard camera scans the area to ensure cleaning precision, and infrared sensors avoid collision with furniture and prevent the model from falling down the stairs. 20000112209-highres
'Two long rotating side brushes target difficult areas along the walls of rooms or along items of furniture and sweep dirt towards the centre of the unit. Once there, a removable beater bar picks up coarser particles. In the third stage, a fan transports the finer dust into the dust box. This container has a capacity of 0.6 litres and can be removed at the touch of a button,' explains Liam.
There are four cleaning programmes to choose from: Auto Mode, Spot Mode, Corner Mode and Turbo Mode. The Scout RX1 has good traction on all common floor coverings and is even able to negotiate height differences of up to 2cm, for example at thresholds and the edges of rugs. What's more, the circular machine has a very long battery life, and the design is sleek, contemporary and very discreet. It goes without saying that the robovac saves homeowners a lot of time and effort, freeing you up to do something more productive with your time. Like entertaining! For more information on the Scout RX1, visit This post is sponsored by Miele. Save