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Mia Mélange shares a lovely new lookbook

He Is Visual/She Is Visual
Mia Mélange photography Cape Town decor label Mia Mélange has updated its look with a minimal logo and Scandi-inspired photographs. Known for its homely, handmade items that combine French silhouettes with earthy, locally sourced textiles, the brand wanted to show its versatility when it comes to other design styles. In teaming up with Marize and Jacques Albertyn of She is Visual/He is Visual, lead designer Mia Danieli has successfully brought to life the extensive uses of Mia Mélange's decor items. According to Mia, the new visual direction is inspired by the maturing of the brand and a desire to capture its essence in a more accurate way. The cotton rope motif featured in the new logo expresses the delicate precision with which the products are handmade. Speaking about the lookbook, Mia says, 'We love Scandinavian design! Perhaps our shoot was subconsciously a little inspired by that, although that was not the idea behind it. We were searching for a minimalistic and clean location, as our products are also of that nature. I think it is the combination of the two that points to Scandi design.' Now that Mia Mélange has a fresh appeal, Mia hints at new products and exciting collaborations to come. 'We aim to bring in a variety of new products like lighting and soft furnishing. We also hope to collaborate with some interesting designers in the future,' she says. Visit for more details. Mia Mélange photography Mia Mélange photographyMia Mélange photography