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Mexican Vintage Jewellery exhibition

During a recent trip to Mexico City and Taxco, Heleen Bossi put her penchant for antique jewellery to good use and spent time researching and buying some worthwhile finds. As the owner of Paisley’s Antique Jewellery, Heleen has 28 years of experience in the antique and vintage jewellery field. Explaining the importance of this visit, she says, 'I visited both Mexico City and Taxco where the whole Mexican silver renaissance started, and returned truly inspired by Mexico and its people. I found Taxco to be a truly stunning colonial village with beautiful architecture and a warm welcoming heart. This experience re-enforced my belief that well-made Mexican vintage jewellery will become an excellent investment in the future'. This month she'll be hosting a beautiful exhibition at the Slee Gallery, which will be the first of its kind to be held in South Africa. Also endorsed by the Mexican Embassy, the exhibition will offer visitors a chance to marvel over the display of around 250 pieces of Mexican vintage silver jewellery, including handmade brooches and bangles, enamelled snake necklaces, 'Byzantine style' pendants inlaid with turquoise, coral and amethyst, and many other fascinating jewels. Many of the pieces were created between 1930 and the end of the 19th century and feature the amazing handiwork of renowned designers like William Spratling (regarded as the father of the 'Mexican Silver Renaissance'), Antonio Pineda, Los Castillo and others. Mexican vintage jewellery certainly stands out for its bold designs that are often handmade, amalgamate exquisite gemstones, enamelling and silver, and always make use of only the best quality of workmanship. The exhibition opens on Thursday, 20 September, at 6:30pm at the Slee Gallery, 101  Dorp Street, Stellenbosch. It will be underway until the end of the month. For more information call 021-887-3385, e-mail or visit