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Memphis Mania

Credit: Camille Walala It's time in the limelight might have been short-lived in the 1980s, but the Memphis movement, with its chaotic, colourful shapes and patterns, has slowly been making a comeback in the new millennium. The post-modernist aesthetic, which was influenced by the Art Deco and Pop Art movements, is dominated by asymmetrical configurations, flamboyant hues, kitsch motifs and the use of bright plastic laminates among other unconventional materials, and it's a style that trend forecasters argue will hit fashion and interior big time in 2016. You need only look to talented emerging designer Camille Walala, who has made her name creating beautiful textiles in this vein, to see that this trend is already starting to catch on. Walala's pop-up shop at the 2015 London Design Festival saw her launch a new range of ceramics, furniture and prints inspired by Memphis.
walala600 Credit: Camille Walala

Kartell is another brand working to bring back the Memphis craze. In 2015, the brand announced that it would be releasing some original Ettore Sottsass objects – designs that the father of Memphis did for Kartell in 2004 that were never produced. The collection includes six vases, two stools and a lamp, all with the bold and bright traits characteristic of the movement.
kartell Credit: Kartell

Kirkby Design recently joined up with artist Jon Burgerman to create a looser version of the Memphis trend using his doodles to create fun patterns on textile.
Credit: Jon Burgerman for Kirkby Designs Credit: Jon Burgerman for Kirkby Design