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Meet SMAC Harry

Four budding designers are impressing us - but not just us, their decor pieces seem to be flying off the shelves. Still in college and studying product design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology is SMAC Harry, a team made up of Stefan Fourier, André Solomon, Catherine Hutton-Squire and Marten Feiter. These slick shelving units, designed and manufactured by SMAC Harry, were part of their end of year college project. The project, ostensibly their biggest concern, is frankly nothing compared to our worry that their products are already sold out at Vamp Furniture - don't worry, they're making more! We think they'd make a great entrance hall piece. The hooks, mirrors, magnetic shelving and cork are ideal for pinning photographs, reminders, hanging your coat and storing your wallet. The design fulfills form and function beautifully. The unusual lines bend your mind a little if you look too long (see curves in the mirror) giving it a fun, urbane aesthetic. There's a healthy dose of mid-century Art Deco shapes and colours but ultimately it's very contemporary. Keep an eye out for more of their work on the Vamp Furniture blog or call the store on 021-448-2755.

Smac Harry Launch

This talented group will be officially launching their products this Thursday, 28 July 2011, at the 5k Industrial Design Show in Woodstock - an exhibition that will be showcasing the entire class's work. The show is open to the public until 30 July so you're welcome to stop by and chat to the designers. More details about the exhibition here.   Vamp Furniture, 368 Albert Road (Opposite the Old Biscuit Mill), Woodstock, Cape Town.