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Marble floors just became more accessible

Supplied by WOMAG
WOMAG just introduced a brand new technology that has revolutionised the production of porcelain tiles. It's called digital ink-jet 3D technology and is essentially a high quality, ultra-fine resolution printing process on porcelain tiles. To ensure the highest quality, WOMAG imports their porcelain tiles from Italy and Spain. This state-of-the-art printing process makes it possible for manufacturers to imprint digital images of marble, stone, wood, cement and other patterns – even newspaper – onto the surfaces of porcelain tiles. They do not, however, offer the option of getting tiles custom-printed. HL loves that these tiles are so close to the real deal. As Oren Sachs, Managing Director of WOMAG says, 'Even experts cannot tell the difference between tiles printed using digital ink-jet 3D technology and the original, particularly when it comes to materials like marble.' WOMAG has unveiled a few of the prints done on porcelain tiles, which illustrate the capabilities of the newly introduced technology. There are, however, more options available, such as other woods, cement and stone.

Canal Grande

The Canal Grande is a white matte tile with subtle dark and light grey veining that imitates the famous Carrara Marble originally from the most Northern tip of Tuscany, Italy. It is often used in sculpture or building decor.  This tile offers strength and durability for daily living. R568.86/m² (400x800x10mm) 1

Bolonia Marengo

The Bolonia Marengo tile is available with the choice of a matte or polished finish. It is suitable for all indoor applications. Matte: R454.86/m² Polished: R511.86/m² (600x600x10mm) 3

Luni Blanco

The polished finish of the Luni Blanco porcelain tiles is suitable for all indoor applications and lends the ultimate touch of luxury to a room. R564.30/m² (750x750x11mm) 2

Bernes Haya

The Bernes Haya is an extra wide plank with a matte finish. The brown and beige wood markings and visible saw marking make it appear really close to the real deal. R454.86/m² (234x1200x10mm) Bernes Haya

Bosco Argent

The Bosco Argent comes in brown and has a matte finish. The planks are extra wide and the brown and cream wood markings are clearly visible. R454.86/m² (220x850x9mm) Bosco Argent