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Marble Magic

The regal stone of age-old palaces and temples, marble is a statement buy that brings luxury into your living space. Here we chat to the World of Marble & Granite (WOMAG) about the joys of this material, what to look for when investing in it and how to care for it once it adorns your floors and counter tops. Why do you recommend incorporating marble into your home space? Marble has a timeless beauty and elegance and a luxurious feel. It’s a natural product that can absorb heat during winter and be cooled during summer. It’s also an extremely durable and low-maintenance material that is easy to clean and needs minimal care. Plus, marble floors have health benefits too – they keep away infestations of allergens and pathogens because they can’t thrive on marble’s surface. What factors should we consider when buying marble or marble products?

  • The size and thickness of the stone.
  • The colour variation that you want to carry through when you lay tiles in your home or office (the representation on the showroom floor you visit should be a good indication).
  • Who is going to install the marble. It’s important that your marble tiles or slabs are laid by an experienced, professional marble tiler.
  • Where you're going to purchase it from. It's recommended that you buy your marble from a business that specialises in marble. It's actually less expensive in the long-run to buy from a specialist marble retailer rather than from a bargain tile shop.
Sea-Blue2 How durable is marble? It's extremely durable. Marble has been around in mosques, temples and palaces for hundreds of years. It can also always be re-polished and renewed if necessary. How should marble best be cared for and cleaned? To avoid staining, clean marble as soon as possible after a spill – it can be cleaned very easily with simple products like a normal floor cleaner. Also avoid dragging sharp objects across marble floors. Are there many different variations of marble to suit any interior style? Marble varies by colour and texture. It can be polished or matt, and it can be rendered non-slip through sand blasting or acid washing. Some marble slabs are characterised by veins and others by patches. Marble is available in virtually every shade imaginable, which makes it a very versatile product in terms of finding the perfect fit for an interior. Could you give us examples of a few new marble products currently available in your showrooms?
  • Monet marble slabs (image 1 in the gallery slider above)
  • Matis marble slabs (image 2 in the gallery slider above)
  • Sea Blue marble slabs (image 3 in the gallery slider above)
  • Nero Marquina marble slabs (image 4 in the gallery slider above)
  • Bianco Pez marble slabs and tiles
What makes them unique? The Matis, Monet and Sea Blue slabs are works of art with nature as the artist. They are truly unique pieces of stone that will provide timeless luxury and interest to any home or commercial application. The Bianco Pez marble is soft and neutral with beautiful white veins and will suit any interior aesthetic. To find out more about WOMAG's marble collection, visit Photos courtesy of