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Map Table Runners

Wit-op-Wit is the brainchild and creative outlet of three Pretoria-based architects, Inge Wilkinson, Karlien Thomashoff and Marguerite Pienaar. ‘We recognised potential in a variety of fields where architectural ideas overlap,’ says Marguerite. ‘When an opportunity came along to develop concepts around an event, the idea of formalising our creative forces resulted in Wit-op-Wit (WoW)!’ Their work is easily recognisable by its unique architectural quality and love for their country. These beautiful paper printed table runners feature various scenes from Bloemfontein and Pretoria that are carefully selected based on their historical value and ability to be transformed into striking abstract images. The table runners feature high definition prints of original hand-drawn maps of the city that are then printed on quality paper. Wit-op-Wit’s product range won’t be limited to Pretoria and Bloemfontein for long as Marguerite says, ‘We’re busy with exciting ranges of all the major cities of South Africa.’ The table runners are priced at R180. For more information or to order, visit