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Map Artwork

These innovative art maps of the world, available from, are the perfect creative accompaniment to your map collection or just for creating an attractive display feature in the home. With their unusual designs that stray from the conventional world map look and feel, we think they'd also make for a lovely keepsake for those embarking on their world travels. Designed by London-based artist, Michael Tompsett, who has a particular interest in maps, he says he enjoys looking for unique and interesting ways to depict something which is very familiar. He continues, 'Maps are a visual representation of the world we live in, a world which is incredibly diverse, and I hope that I manage to show a little bit of that diversity in the map artwork I create'. Michael started off creating the Text map, using only horizontal and vertical text, and then decided to turn the actual country names into the outline of each country. The Old Sheet Music world map came about when he was inspired by the fact that music is shared globally. He says, 'What better way to represent that than to use a collage of actual sheet music to create a world map? I decided to go for vintage music scores as they were more visually appealing'. The final Butterflies map is geared towards children with its bright, fun and cheerful elements. You can get the three different designs - Butterflies, Old Sheet Music and Text - either framed or unframed in three sizes:

  • Large, A0 (1189 mm x 841 mm) – R4 300 framed/ R1 450 unframed
  • Medium, A1 (841 mm x 594 mm) – R1 250 framed/ R750 unframed
  • Small, A2 (594mm x 420 mm) – R750 framed/ R495 unframed
You can buy your very own art map of the world online via or alternately by contacting the MapStudio call centre on 0860-10-50-50. Also visit to see some of Michael's other inspiring map artworks.