Chairs, decor

Manga in chair form

Takumi Ota

Milan Design Week 2016 has seen the Italian city explode with innovation, but one of our absolute favourite creations to come out of this confluence of creativity has to be a furniture installation that Nendo has put together for Friedman Benda. If you're even vaguely interested in Japanese Manga, we think you're going to go giddy for this too. Manga1 Based at Piazza Paolo VI in Milan between 12 and 17 April, the exhibition features a grid of 50 chairs inspired by the distinctive drawing style of Manga comics, which are an important part of Japanese culture. Those familiar with this art form will recognise manga iconography in the furniture, including reference to speech bubbles, sweat drops and speed lines. manga3 Even the placement of the chairs takes its cue from this comic style, with each one acting like a single frame in a story sequence that plays out across the whole grid. Similarly, because Manga is typically monochromatic and relies on lines and a visual language of symbols to express emotions and tell a tale, Nendo has kept colour and texture out of the installation and rather opted for reflective surfaces. Manga4 We have to admit, the concept of meshing Manga and chairs is a bit bizarre, but the execution and the final result is brilliant. We just wish the series was for sale. Manga5 Let us know what you think of this fascinating installation in the comments section below.