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Malva Ideas in Boxes

There are lots of things to love about Malva’s Ideas in Boxes – they're on trend, stylish and practical. We particularly love the design which allows you to insert your idea or picture into the frame through a slot in the top rather than hassling with taking the frame off the wall and opening the back. ‘The natural raw wooden frame is a thinner section of the same wood I use in making stages. Everything I do has a theatrical link. Each piece is slightly different,’ says Malva creator Lauren Wallett. ‘The box is tangible representative of your own stage or screen where people voice and share their opinions, stories and ideas - an old school 'soap box' becomes the modern day "tweet," "status update" or "blog post". Fill the box with your own ideas.’ Not only can you buy the box frames but the ideas to go in them. ‘The first edition of "ideas" is taken from situations and stories from life in Durban. Most are personal quotes, some quotes from my favorite authors or ideas from their books,’ explains Lauren. ‘The second edition will include the "idea" of emerging artists’ art works - literally a small version of the original. You are able to own the idea but not the "thing" itself.’ The box frames sell for R250 each and come with one free idea. You can purchase new ideas for R30.  For more information or to place an order, contact Lauren at