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Make Laundry Day Easier

We all know how hard it is to dry delicates and woollens during the cold winter months. So, to make laundry day a little easier we spoke to Spindel, a specialist laundry dryer, to find out how we can conquer wet, winter laundry: How can I get my delicate garments dry during winter? Try the Spindel laundry dryer. Spindel removes the majority of moisture that’s left behind after your washing machine’s spin cycle – leaving fabrics with just enough moisture to air dry that last bit on the hanger without the wrinkles. Certain thinner fabrics can even be ironed straight away if necessary. Unlike the tumble dryer, Spindel won’t cause any damage to even the most delicate fabrics. So now you can wash your clothes in the evening and have them ready to wear the next day. Is the Spindel even safe for my woollen jerseys? Absolutely. The Spindel is ideal for woollen jerseys! You can even hang the jersey upright after the Spindel cycle, as most of the weight of the residual moisture has been removed. What if the label says ‘no tumble drying’ or ‘hand wash only’? The Spindel is completely safe for all these types of garments! Spindel does not apply any heat to the fabrics, so there is no shrinking. The spin action is also much gentler than your washing machine. This is because the items are packed tightly into the drum, which means no tumbling, pulling or stretching of those delicate fabrics. Are there any additional benefits to using a Spindel? Definitely. The Spindel also extracts the residual detergent and mineral deposits that usually dry into fabrics - leaving your laundry cleaner and softer, while also protecting your family’s skin against skin irritations and allergies. Is it expensive to use? No, it uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying. In fact, with one unit of electricity you can do 65 wash loads in the Spindel - so no worrying about the electricity bill at the end of the month! The Spindel is available in a 4.5kg and 6.5kg capacity. Visit for more information and a list of stockists. For more information, visit Available from and   READ MORE: Top 5 Energy Saving Laundry Tips Drying Clothes Without a Dryer Spindel Laundry Dryer