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Magic Bulbs

I'm sure we can all agree that loadshedding is getting us down. Not to worry though, The Lighting Warehouse have saved the day with these magic rechargeable bulbs and bulb torch. Showcased here is a high quality LED light bulb for versatile use. The Magic Bulb is engineered with advanced technology so it delivers excellent and reliable lighting. What's truly amazing about them is that they'll fit any normal light fitting and, once charged, can provide additional light for 2 - 3 hours without electricity. The rechargeable magic bulb torch takes 5 hours to charge and for an additional cost you can attach a solar panel. The torch also offers a USB port so that you can charge your smart phone or tablet. These products are both ideal for extended loadshedding. The Rechargeble Magic Bulb torch retails at R349.95 and the Magic Bulb retails at R219.95. Both available exclusively at The Lighting Warehouse