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Lúm ONs

It might be lights out as far as Eskom is concerned, but on the bright side of loadshedding there are innovative products like this one being designed. As part of the completion of their B.Tech degree at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, students are required to design, develop, manufacture and sell a product from which they should generate R5 000 in profit by the end of the year. DSC_9987 The Lúm group, consisting of young designers Lala Quail, Carla Bekker, Cathrine Simpson, Sudipa Balgobind and Ashton Barnard, decided to use the current energy dilemma in South Africa as inspiration for their product. The result is ONs - sets of three beautifully designed wireless lights to keep you out of the dark when the electricity is down. The ONs are positioned atop their wooden base to make use of magnetic induction charging, with their energy-efficient LEDs lighting up from inside when they are removed from it. To turn the lights off again, they simply need to be placed back on the base or turned upside down. IMG_0206-e1437652479214-1024x698 What really sets these little lights apart though is their simplicity and stylish design, as well as the quality of the materials used to produce them. The bases are made from beech wood and their lighting covers are far more durable than glass, so there's no need to worry about a potential fire hazard. You also get to take your pick of colour for the middle accent ring, with a choice of either glossy white, warm copper or aquamarine blue. ONs are available for order at, at R1 500 per set.