lucy le roux is the face of shf for june

shf Meet Lucy le Roux: home stager, wife, proud South African and the next on the growing list of dynamic #shfdefineyourself ambassadors. With a dash of business savvy and originality to boot, Lucy is the ideal face of the new generation of SHF style icons. For Lucy, inspiration can be found everywhere – during a walk on the beach or any time she looks up and is struck by God’s grandeur in the asymmetrical beauty of nature. It is this abundance of inspiration that energised her innovations in design and gave birth to the home staging and property-styling business she currently runs, along with co-owning South Africa’s first Airbnb design consultancy. From the little girl who would keep her childhood bedroom in a constant flux of arrangements to the passionate professional in interior design that she has become, Lucy has always believed that being prepared to break the odd design principle is a key ingredient in keeping ahead of the style pack. It’s this adaptability that gives her the edge when confronted with challenging projects. Lucy’s love affair with her career as a home stager oozes from every pore. She is a magical blend of passion, assertiveness and humility – characteristics very close to the heart of SHF’s guiding principles.

you could be the next face of shf

It's time to find your inner excellence and define yourself as the next face of SHF.

To stand a chance, go to an SHF gallery near you and video yourself showcasing your most coveted piece of SHF furniture. Tell SHF which piece you would buy with your R25 000 voucher should you be the winner. Captivate SHF with your style in a video clip (no longer than 30 seconds) and tell them why you are inspired by the piece, where you would put it in your home and who you would share it with. Post your clip on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages with the hashtag #shfdefineyourself. For more information, check out their page. *Terms and conditions apply.

find inspiration in lucy’s top picks from shf below:

shf Scatters from R350

shf Crystal pendants from R3 000

shf Glass vases from R750

shf Granada chair R5 000

shf Bishkek rug R11 000

shf Loft Modular chaise sofa from R19 950

shf Wooden Drum tables from R3 500

shf Habitat coffee table R6 500

shf Flare mirror R3 000

shf Baron standing lamp R5 000