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Lucinda Mudge: Take What You Want

TAKE WHAT YOU WANT, a ceramics exhibition by Lucinda Mudge, will be on display at Knysna Fine Art from 19th March - 11 April 2015.

The installation will comprise of 20 vases and 6 wall hangings, made out of ceramics, metal backing and gold luster. They take a look at the connection between beauty and fear in South Africa, 'looking at the extremes we encounter on a daily basis,' said Lucinda. Her decorative vases tell these everyday stories through their exquisite patterns, images, song lyrics and poems.

Trent Read, owner of Knysna Fine Artsaid 'I recently learned that the Germans have a word, 'Porzellankrankheit,' which is the name for a recognised mental condition – the mania for collecting ceramics, and looking at Lucinda Mudge’s work I can see how one can be afflicted, and in my case certainly, it is a terminal condition.

These are really beautiful pots – rich, lush and completely feminine. They are by turns gentle, loving, sly and very witty and one cannot look at them with indifference.'

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