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Lightbulb Moment


Taking inspiration from the 'original' lightbulb by Thomas Edison, Hoi P'loy has perfected the art of vintage lighting. Owners Ploy Phiromnam and Guy van der Walt were so enamoured with the lightbulbs they saw in a London restaurant, they decided to launch their own lighting range. Both Ploy and Guy love to travel and describe it as being a great inspiration to the vintage and rustic feel of their collection. After living in many different cities, including London, Bangkok, Chicago, New York, Tokyo and Ghent, the pair has learnt that each offers its own creative inspiration. Ploy singles out South Africa as being the most inspiring country she has lived in. The vintage lightbulbs aren't the only thing on offer at Hoi P'loy. The company also does a variety of woven cables available in a large selection of different colours. The contrast of the traditional lightbulb and the boldly-coloured modern cables offers up a fun detail in any setting. It's also safe, while being aesthetically pleasing. From indoor lamps to outdoor string lights, there's a suitable bulb for any space. The Ceiling Pendant lights are some of their best sellers and retail at R599 to R799.