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After the recent launch of super popular international brand, The Rug Company, and in the spirit of our June 2015 Walls and Floors issue, we chatted to owner and founder Christopher Sharp about their history, SA collaborations to look out for and more:   How did you get into textiles and rugs? When we were younger than we are today, we spent a few years living in the Middle East. I was working in film and we both loved spending time in markets and souks. Suzanne was always textile-obsessed and we both loved a rummage and the idea that we might find a rare and wonderful rug. We eventually had such a collection of rugs that we needed to open a shop! HE5A0422 Tell us about your celebrity collaborations – you've worked with the likes of Diane Von Furstenburg, Adam Levine, Will Smith, Alexander McQueen and many more – what was the intention and why these particular people? The idea is to collaborate with the designers who are the most talented in their field. We’re fortunate that the quality of the craftsmanship is so appealing that the most illustrious designers are happy to put their designs on something that will be around for a long time. It is not important whether the designer’s medium is fashion, product or textiles, they all bring something different. paul-smith-umbra-roomset_large The Rug Company is an international brand. Why now a showroom in SA? The Cape Town showroom is our first shop in Africa. It seems like the perfect place to start. There is a vibrant design community, plenty of brilliant architecture and lots of lonely floors. dc_dvf_python-glory_r_large What's next for the local branch of The Rug Company – any local collaborations to come? We are working on a couple of completely new collaborations one with Thom Brown and another with Elie Saab. Both are hugely talented and the rugs will reflect their brilliance… alexander-mcqueen-military-brocade-ivory-roomset_large_1 Sounds exciting! For more info visit   Related: Rug Revolution Berber Rugs 5 Cosy Winter Rugs New Mrp Home Rugs