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Leather sofas

House and Leisure caught up with leather upholstery expert and owner of Incanda Furniture Gerhard van Deventer.  He recommends you assess the sofa’s condition carefully before going ahead. COUCH CONDITION Before you can make your decision you should ascertain whether the couch is still in a good enough condition to be re-upholstered.  A quick and easy way to test this is the following:
  • Position yourself next to the armrest of the couch
  • Try to lift the two front legs of the couch by literally just tilting the couch back at its armrest.
  • Should the frame still be solid and in a good condition, it will not twist when you tilt the armrest and the two front legs will lift simultaneously.
  • If the frame is tired and the screws/glue/staples have started to come loose, the frame will twist and the front leg closest to you will start lifting before the other one.
If the frame is in very bad condition and the couch doesn’t have huge sentimental value to you, it’s advisable to rather buy a new couch. The cost to rebuild the frame will be so high that it may be more than buying a new one. FABRIC VS. LEATHER This is mostly a matter of personal taste.  The price range of fabric is such that it might either be much cheaper or much more expensive to use than leather. My advice to avoid having the re-upholstered product 'match' your existing furniture as though it were part of a set. Usually this doesn’t work – it’s better to provide the re-upholstered couch with its own unique character. So if you already have leather elsewhere, consider doing it in a different colour or in fabric, and vice versa. For more information visit or call them on 021-914-7521.