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Lean Lamps


More artistic collective than conventional furniture manufacturer, local company Bofred specialises in crafting interior pieces with strong contemporary design value, and the brand's recently launched Moa lights are fine examples of this. Reedy and slender, the lamps bring up-to-the-minute style into homes and serve as eye-catching interest points as well as functional givers of light. The standing Giant Moa Light features an adjustable black-coated aluminum frame and lampshade with a base made from either marble or Caesarstone. It also incorporates a fabric cord and foot switch, so you can easily turn it on and off without having to fiddle to find the power button. The giant lamp has a slightly smaller, equally minimalist sibling that is also made from black-coated aluminum but that can be mounted to a wall as a permanent fixture. BofredLamp2 Both items are made to order, with the giant light taking four to six weeks to manufacture and the wall-mounted lamp taking between three and four weeks to make. They go for R13 400 and R2 600 respectively and can be ordered by mailing