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Leading window treatment suppliers share their upcoming trends for 2018

window treatmentImage credit: Taylor Blinds

In the luxury-themed November 2017 issue of House and Leisure, we discover that window treatments extend far beyond the purely functional. Thanks to innovative designs and gleaming contemporary finishes, they've been given a new lease on life. We chat to a few of the country's leading window treatment specialists to find out more. Window treatments have gone from being a functional privacy product to offering atmosphere and decor value, too. Tell us more about this dual usage...  'You can really enrich the interior with window treatments through amazing fabrics and rich wood. In addition, window treatments offer a modern, clean look and great functionality in terms of light management, privacy and heat control, says Kate Mederer, marketing manager for Taylor Blinds. And Bianca Venter, marketing manager at Luminos Blinds, agrees. 'Window treatments will greatly enhance the features of a home both aesthetically and functionally, particularly when done professionally. These days there is a wider selection than ever before to choose from to suit the contemporary enthusiast and more traditional decorator alike,' she says. Shutters can also be custom made to fit and enhance unusually shaped openings, accentuating unique design and architecture. 'Possibly the greatest value of shutters is the fact that they are timeless, they complement almost any interior design style and, unlike fabric window treatments, they do not need to be replaced with every decor change,' adds Duncan Snyman, managing director of American Shutters. 'Shutters definitely offer a timeless elegance,' adds Briggie Kirchmann, Plantation Shutters' marketing director. 'They have been around for centuries due to their versatile functionality and we do not see this changing anytime soon.'
Image credit: Plantation Shutters

What should we look out for in terms of window treatments in 2018? Any trends to keep in mind when renovating?  Duncan highlights the increasingly popular trend of using shutters as a security measure: 'The fact that our Security Shutters have the same visual appeal as our timber shutters allows designers and homeowners to use both in the same scheme'. Lindy Barry, PR consultant for Trellidor, notes that darker colours are starting to come in strong. 'While the top selling colour across all Trellidor ranges is crisp, clean white, we are also seeing requests for matt charcoal as an accent colour and matt bronze security barriers for wood windows,' she says. Are there any new and exciting product ranges we can look forward to in 2018? Taylor Blinds has a multitude of new ranges coming out that take inspiration from fashion houses and eco-conscious environmentalists. 'We’ve also been working on our shutter range and have something exciting to launch early in 2018, but I can’t share too much of it now,' says Kate. Plantation Shutters has recently launched its beautiful Designer Colour Range of 21 neutral and contemporary colours. 'We are seeing this range gaining more and more popularity as time passes,' says Briggie. Duncan, too, says that American Shutters is constantly innovating: 'Hot on the heels of our recently launched Security Shutters with their many industry-leading features, we are already looking at slatted screens in wood and aluminium and combination shutters for 2018.'