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Laundry day solutions

Samsung SA recently launched their innovative Active Dualwash top loading washing machine. We chatted to their Divisional Head for Digital Appliances, Michael McKechnie, to find out what makes the product so revolutionary. The short answer- it cares for both clothes and moms by providing a practical, one-stop solution to the laundry day.   What makes the activ dualwash different to other washing machines?  The Samsung activ dualwash is designed with a convenient built-in sink with water jet and gentle scrubbing surface. This simple yet revolutionary solution saves time and effort by enabling you to pre-soak, hand scrub and auto wash in the washing machine instead of over multiple locations. The Diamond Drum design means that smooth, diamond-shaped ridges are gentle on even the most delicate items and its small water exit holes prevent fabric from becoming trapped and damaged. Samsung’s pioneering Wobble technology protects delicate fabrics from friction damage while the Wobble pulsators generate a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow preventing tangles, twists and knots, cleaning your clothes with an increased washing power that uses less water.   What other differentiating features does it have? The Magic Dispenser, which eliminates the annoyance of residual detergent on fabric. It achieves this by creating a powerful water vortex that dissolves detergent and disperses it evenly before the wash cycle starts. And the Magic Filter, gathering lint, fluff and particles from your clothes. It is also incredibly easy to clean and prevents your drain from clogging. To find out more about the Activ Dualwash, visit their site or call them on 0860-726-7864