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Langa Art Exhibition

The Langa Art Exhibition, part of the Langa Township Art Gallery (TAG) powered by Buntuzim Media Productions, offers a unique twist on a traditional art exhibition with works being displayed in preselected community members’ homes rather than in a typical gallery. It places the art in the context of daily life in the township. The exhibition kicks off the World Design Capital 2014 season and aims to raise awareness of Langa’s artistic value. ‘Langa is one of the oldest townships in Cape Town and we want to highlight the talent that lies in our city while drawing international tourists into our townships,’
 says Siphiwe Ngwenya, organiser of the 'gallery for a day' concept. Entrepreneur Tony Elvin, who headed the initiative, further praises Langa: ‘There is an incredible history here; the number of famous people who have lived here is phenomenal.’ The exhibition includes works by reportage-based artist Sarah Lee Lambourne. Her works are largely inspired by her fascination with insects and have been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world. Despite living and studying abroad for several years, her African roots are clearly visible in her work. The exhibition opens on 10 December 2013 and runs until 16 January 2014 in the Langa Quarter. For more information, contact Sarah at 079-348-3935.