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Lacuna Coffee Table

With a strong focus on sustainable design, NeilGStudio in Johannesburg creates products and furniture that demonstrate a coming together of 'product experience, aesthetic and human understanding'. This interesting offering is certainly easy on the eye with its unusual base and angular look and feel. Named the Lacuna Table, this coffee table is made from reclaimed Rhodesian teak, highlighting the craftsman's commitment to 'green' design. The word 'lacuna' refers to a gap or something hollow, which explains the empty shelf left in the centre of the coffee table for stowing away your living room odds and ends. Designer Neil Grantham of NeilGStudio says, 'The idea behind the table was a honest use of materials, no mechanical fasteners - only traditional wood joinery - and a desire to declutter a tabletop surface.' We love the fact that you can use the shelf to neatly pack away books or remote controls, while you still have the top of the table for displaying those collectables that you want your guests to see. The result is a simple, functional product that offers well-balanced proportion and will lend ample character to your lounge. The Lacuna Coffee Table retails at R6 000 and is available in various sizes. For more details you can contact Neil on 084-561-5893,, or visit his website at