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KZN Artists to Watch

Main image: '#ZA On the Way' by Deidre Maree We chatted to Grace Kotze, Durban-based painter and founder of the new Loading Bay Gallery on Station Drive, about the KwaZulu-Natal-based artists that we should have on our radar right now. The sorts of creatives that she responds to are those that, in her words, 'hold strength of vision and are able to reflect on how the process of living adjusts and moulds their beings'. She believes the artists below all possess these qualities and the ability 'to create on a profound and transformative level'.

Deidre Maree

DeidreMaree 'Ou Kaapse Weg II' by Deidre Maree

'Deidre Maree takes images from her life and transforms them through her complex mark-making technique, creating a detailed, dynamic surface. Her forms at times teeter on the abstract, where the marks shimmer in a varied field. Maree’s paintings are a testament to a space where her environment and emotions come together.'

Angela Buckland

AngelaBuckland 'Angela Buckland’s photography provides the viewer with a frank yet whimsical outlook on people who move through or inhabit her life. Although her images are a descriptive reflection on contemporary humanity, they are not purely documentational; rather, as with so many true artists, Buckland's works reflect on how her subjects have touched her existence.'

Joseph Manana

JosephManana 'Joseph Manana’s paintings tell stories where he weaves visual words that talk of moments and cultures that have shaped him and his vision. His detailed work makes for very compelling paintings that encourage viewers to read the faces and gestures of the figures in the artwork to understand a narrative.'

Melody French

MelodyFrench 'Into the Far Over the Mist' by Melody French.

'Melody French possesses the unique ability to create emotion out of very little descriptive form. Her paintings are evocative of landscapes, but they don’t possess the details that usually help artists create composition and form. French’s investigation of the nature of paint, tone and marks has enough complexity to result in paintings of great substance.'

Peter Rippon

Peter-Rippon 'Lizard' by Peter Rippon.

'Peter Rippon is one of South Africa's most under-appreciated artists. His oil paintings manage to present the viewer with very structured, highly worked images that may be considered traditional but still carry a very contemporary and relevant message.'

Janet Solomon

JanetSolomon 'Green Screen 1' by Janet Solomon.

'Janet Solomon bravely takes hold of issues that are very pertinent to the endurance of humanity and our planet. She is highly skilled in both photography and painting, and uses this platform to re-introduce the viewer to familiar images through her interpretation. These brave works possess valued points of departure where the spectator is prompted to examine their role in the state of our planet.'

Dee Donaldson

DeeDonaldson 'Dee Donaldson’s paintings have the ability to depict both the literal nature of images and the abstract nature of mark and form. Images are corroded by overlapping paint, inviting the viewer to read the paintings on multiple levels. These layered images allow Donaldson to saturate her works with her personal vision.'

Sarah Lovejoy

'The Origami Girls' from the Ancillary series by Sarah Lovejoy. 'The Origami Girls' from the Ancillary series by Sarah Lovejoy.

'Sarah Lovejoy’s sculptures are beautifully crafted, with an elegance of economy that holds both a stillness and emotional movement. Although the details have a contemporary stylisation, the sculptures' forms and structure possess a dignity of the old masters.'

Elizabeth Balcomb

Elizabeth 'Submit' by Elizabeth Balcomb.

'Elizabeth Balcomb’s sculptures hold an intriguing quality that speaks of stories from lost times that are revitalised through her vision and own personal story. Such eloquence of form allows the viewer to tack on their own stories, sharing in the valuable process of making sense of and drawing meaning from the work'.

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