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Klomp Ceramics

Designer Alexia Klompje has created a range of beautiful handmade geometric jugs inspired by her life experiences and surroundings.

Having recently survived a brain tumour, Alexia uses her creations as a means of self-expression. ‘I see what I make as a means of telling a story,’ she says. ‘When I work with clay I'm amazed by the simplicity and yet complexity of working with all of the elements as a means of expressing myself. I hope that each of my pieces embody this personal experience, and that in their passing on to others, what they represent will inspire further.’

Alexia’s geometric jugs are made of glazed stoneware. The jugs are unique in every sense of the word, each with their own little imperfections, proving that beautiful work doesn’t have to be faultless.

For more information about Klomp Ceramics visit facebook.com/KlompCeramics, or to order, visit klompceramics.com.