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Jewellery as Art

Something new and innovative on the jewellery market is the crocheted jewellery created by Vynn's Ravelings, recently exhibited at Fat Tuesday Gallery in Kloof, Durban. Vynn’s Ravelings’ creations are all handmade from beautiful yarns which are hand-dyed, hand-spun, organic and sourced locally. This exhibition focused on Vynn’s translation of flowers and plants into delicate necklaces, head-pieces and earrings. Each piece was artfully displayed around a hanging installation of tree branches with a photograph and information about the floral inspiration for each piece. Each item is completely unique and would be a note-worthy addition to any jewellery collection. Vynn’s Ravelings also creates custom pieces for special occasions. For more information see the Vynn’s Ravelings’ blog here, email or call 083-365-6782.