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Item of the Day: Liam Mooney Balafon Chairs

If you're glued to your desk all day, chances are you grow tired of the chair you sit on... Or maybe you're the type of person who likes to frequently rearrange your furniture? Well, here's a fun way to mix things up. The new Balafon chair from Liam Mooney is the epitome of contemporary, earth-friendly design. Liam has released a new range of flatpackable products which is so well thought-out the only thing you need to assemble your new purchase is a hammer! We couldn't help gazing a little longer at these Balafon chairs, inspired by their namesake, the West African Balafon or xylophone. Their simple yet effective design cleverly resembles the slats that make up this musical instrument. However, Liam has reinvented the concept entirely by taking it apart and reconstructing the parts in a number of different inventive ways. While the form and construction of the chairs take on the look of the balafon, on the functional side the chair has endless variations. Using a system of clip-on wooden slats that fit together seamlessly, the chair can be configured in 4 different ways. Describing his thought process, Liam says, 'For this chair we developed a clip system which is cut into each of the 29 slats that make up the chair. You can then choose the design you prefer, and simply clip each slat onto the metal frame. When the slats are laid together on the frame, they create the surface on which you sit'. So it's really up to you which design you prefer and what you're in the mood for! The Balafon chair is made from epoxy coated mild steel and pine ply and can be transported by folding the slats flat. They're made to order and are currently available from iArt Gallery at 71 Loop Street, Cape Town. They retail at R3080 for the standard and R3250 for the bucket version. Liam Mooney has been designing products and furniture under his own label for the past five years and has exhibited internationally in New York, London and Scandinavia. This is one guy who is putting local design on the map! Contact him on or visit Need some inspiration for your home? Pop into his store at 64 Wale Street, Cape Town.