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Item of the Day: Evolution Chairs

Ever wonder what happens to old school chairs once you leave the classroom? Inspired by her great-grandfather S.J. du Toit, who started the first Afrikaans school in the country in 1882, Amanda du Plessis of Evolution gives new life to old school chairs. Together with artist Elizabeth Pulles, du Plessis refurbishes the chairs and, in a manner of speaking, slaps a horde of memories onto them. The Karoo chair, for example, features spring flowers in the Karoo, plus a picture of her grandmother on an adventure in the Karoo, taken in 1930. The Durban chair is a montage of Durban beach holiday snapshots taken in the 1940s. There is a crafty, nostalgic feel to the chairs; not all are in pristine condition, which adds to their charm. The US-based speciality store Anthropologie clearly agrees - it placed an order for 16 designs. And that's not where the cycle ends. Du Plessis says that "we purchase 1.5 new chairs for each chair we receive from schools who do not have the funds to upgrade their furniture." Amanda du Plessis at Evolution: 083-301-6600