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Item of the day: Bush chair

Prototype is a concept pop-up store that has just opened its doors in Cape Town’s CBD and incorporates everything from lighting to furniture to accessories. It’s an evolving space, conceptualised by five established artists, where up and coming designers can both exhibit and sell their merchandise. Why the temporary exposure you ask? Well, flash retailing is fast becoming the preferred platform for new artists to promote their ideas, and generate buzz whilst testing the market and taking advantage of seasonal trends. It’s the perfect test tube operation. Go green is a business imperative for these budding furniture designers who adhere to a strict policy of ethical and sustainable design. Their focus is innovation, originality and scrupulous craftsmanship, to instigate interest and bring about public debate. Currently showcasing are five local designers, the likes of which include David Krynauw, Antonie Grobler from Individua, Mark from Luna, Jared Odell Furniture & Design and Anthony Martin from Drift. Our pick (and the designer’s favourite too) is this bush chair by Anthony Martin of Drift furniture. "My favourite piece is the new Drift bush chair. It reminds me of my childhood, sitting on the stoep in front of a camp fire in the bushvelt, listening to the calls of wild animals." The epitome of minimalist living, this piece adds a neutral cool to any space, and eco-orientated, it sits as pretty in focus as on your conscience. Keep your eyes fixed on this new space -  we have a feeling great things will come of it! This piece retails for R8 000. Visit them at weekdays from 1pm- 5pm at 9 Orphan Street, Cape Town. For more information visit prototypecollection or contact 021-424-4648.