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Installing a chandelier

We chatted to Alon Smily, Managing Director of Smileys At Home, Chandelier & Home Décor Specialists, who gave us the following helpful advice. The size of a chandelier in relation to the room The size of the chandelier depends on the style as well as the type of room it will be displayed in. The width, length, and height of the area also play an important role when determining the proportional size for the fixture. Other variables such as table size for dining rooms or window sizes for foyers also help when determining the size. People often choose chandeliers that end up being too small for their room, because they have underestimated their lighting needs and the space they have to work with. I always recommend buying a chandelier that’s slightly larger than you would originally have purchased. Hanging guidelines We do recommend an Electrician to do the electrical installation. On large projects we have a specialised team of technicians to assist the electricians with installation. Care instructions We recommend the chandelier cleaner, Brillianté, which is sold at Smileys At Home Stores. To use a spray cleaner, all that you will need to do is put a towel under the chandelier, turn the lights off and spray the whole chandelier with the cleaner until the cleaner freely drips off the crystals. Then let your chandelier dry. Once it is dry, turn your lights back on and it is done. How important is lighting in an interior? I would say that lighting is one of the most important elements home owners need to consider, whether they are building or simply looking at reviving their interior. Often, with a bit of forethought and creativity, lighting is the one thing you can do to set your home apart from others, and to really create an inviting atmosphere. I always suggest to my clients that they mix and match a few lighting options in each room to give the lighting style a dynamic feel. So in one room you could have downlighters, standing lamps and a well-placed crystal chandelier, all dimmable to create the mood you wish, with their different designs giving the room a unique look. To view the spectacular Smileys At Home collection, visit their Johannesburg or Cape Town showrooms: Smileys At Home Johannesburg                The Grand Piano, Cnr Rivonia Rd & Central Ave, Illovo, 011-268-0719  Smileys At Home Cape Town 60 Main Rd, Plumstead, 021-762-2626 Alternatively, visit their website at