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Inside JP inc.'s new Cape Town office

Micky Hoyle
The space you work in matters, and Jean-Pierre (JP) de la Chaumette knows this. The founder of the boutique public relations consultancy JP inc. – which specialises in decor, design and luxury – has recently transformed an empty shell in Cape Town into a brilliant, inspiring space in which to work with his team. The company's characterful new office above The Palms in Woodstock boasts an incredible view of the city. JP tells us what went into designing this creative haven. Tell us more about JP inc.’s new office in Cape Town… what inspired the look and feel of the space? For many years, my two big passions have been Mid-Century and local design. As we’re very much entrenched in the local design world, I was keen for our offices to reflect this. We have various pieces of furniture and decor items by Haldane Martin, Saks Corner, Laurie Wiid, Bofred, Goet, Angles & Earth, Studio 19 and more.  We ‘live the brand’, as the saying goes. How long has it been in the works? It took about two months from concept to completion. The interior needed to be repainted – everything from the arched ceiling to the screed floors. We owned much of the furniture already, but we did have to install a new kitchen (which even includes a mini-dishwasher!). Why do you believe the spaces in which we spend our time are so important?  If I’m literally in a bad space, then I also figuratively feel in a bad space. JP inc.’s offices tick all my boxes, from location and light to comfort and aesthetics. We spend so much time here every day – usually under tremendous pressure with tight deadlines – so it’s important that the space feeds our minds, bodies and souls. What’s changed in terms of your team’s enthusiasm or working dynamic since moving into the new office?  The view is spectacular so that enthuses us every day. But the view is our only distraction; the fact that we’re on the roof of The Palms means we feel both a physical and subconscious separation from everything below… We sometimes suffer from Rapunzel Syndrome! I suppose that this has made us more focused. Certainly, our unique location surprises everyone who visits. What are some of your favourite elements or pieces in the new space?  My favourite piece is the sideboard with book-matched door fronts that I found in a vintage shop in Joburg. The ram-skull sculpture by Laurie Wiid is also a treasured piece. I also love the oversized brass vintage handles on the black stained-oak kitchen cupboards; they were a find at Les Collectables in Plumstead. But, without detracting from what we think is a lovely interior, the real winner here is the almost 360-degree view of this beautiful city we live in. And finally, what’s in store for JP inc. going forward, now that you’ve got this brilliant new base to work from? It’s a particularly exciting year for JP inc. We’re working with a superb suite of brands – I remain constantly inspired. In particular, though, we’re very much looking forward to presenting the inaugural Design Joburg event in May 2017, featuring Rooms on View. It’s a privilege to engage with such stellar names in local and international decor and design. Visit for more.