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In studio with Imiso Ceramics founder Zizipho Poswa

Laura Thiesbrummel
zizipho poswa In House and Leisure's June 2017 design issue, we get to know the founder of Imiso Ceramics, Zizipho Poswa. Drawn to the colours and textures of her natural surroundings, she creates Imiso's popular Handpinched collection. The newest range is inspired by Zizipho's love for abstract oil paintings. Having launched at Design Joburg 2017, the Abstract Art range is an exploration of vibrant colour compositions and gestural brushstrokes, using clay as her canvas. Using a number of techniques, from layers, smudges and scratched detail to splashed paint and drip glazes, this new range is giving her the freedom to express her thoughts that can be defined through the medium of clay. Just like her previous works, Zizipho's abstract ceramics are creative, imaginative and reflective. They embody a deep sense of symbolism that departs from classical production and adornments by adding a highly conceptual artistic twist. At an intangible level, each piece is affectionate yet non-representational; textile yet abstract; fresh yet pioneering. Zizipho describes her new range as 'the ultimate ingredient for happiness in any interior space'. We go behind the scenes with Zizipho and take a look at what goes into the making of her pieces. Plus, we're getting a sneak peek into her newest collection. Visit Imiso Ceramics for more. zizipho poswa zizipho poswa zizipho poswazizipho poswazizipho poswa zizipho poswa zizipho poswa zizipho poswa zizipho poswa zizipho poswa Save Save