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illumina launches an online lighting store

illumina In the past, one of the quickest and cheapest ways to update a space was to change the wall colour… but now, it’s probably even easier to transform just about any room in your home by changing the light fittings. With a huge selection of more than 500 products on the Illumina website – all of which can be delivered to your door – doing so has never been simpler. The easiest and most cost-effective update of all? Swap out tired bedside or sidetable lamps with something fresh from Illumina’s range of table and desk lights. illumina But why not also reinvent the kitchen with a few graphic ‘cage’ lantern fittings, add elegance to a bathroom with a sleek glass lampshade, or extend your crush on all things copper by hanging a couple of up-to-the-minute beaten copper pendants in your dining area? Just remember to have it all installed by a licenced electrician! There’s also a full range of functional lighting (so you can shop for that much-needed outdoor bulkhead lamp here too) and lighting accessories on offer, plus free delivery (yay!), regular sales and, if you sign up for the Illumina newsletter, VIP offers that you’ll be the first to know about. It’s simply brilliant, if you’ll pardon the pun. illumina For more information and to shop to your heart’s content, visit