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'If you want it, go get it'

In 2015, we asked Angie Batis Durrant, aka Miss Lucky Pony, to reveal her home truths along with a story about her beautifully curated home in Johannesburg. Here are a few of her thoughts on how she approaches home decor to achieve this unique look: The best thing about the new year is that you have a whole 365 days ahead of you to make awesome things happen. My new year’s resolution is to make more of my ideas see the light of day. An interiors trend I love is the coming together of modern design and vintage or reclaimed pieces. Style is the expression of your personal view of the world. It’s also something that is easily interchangeable, thank goodness; otherwise I'd still be in a black turtleneck and mustard jeans, listening to Hanson on my Walkman. I’m inspired by my husband Shane. He is the one person I know who never just talks about the things he wants to do in life; he actually goes out and does them. My favourite designers are Pedersen + Lennard, Dokter and Misses, and Tonic. You know the phrase 'less is more'? Well, it doesn't apply to me. My pet hates are terracotta and the colour/word/feeling 'beige'.

'My interiors motto is if you want it, get it.'
The best thing about living where we do is that it’s like a little community, where we’re surrounded by friends, tree-lined streets, big spaces to live in and it has a slight city feel, which I really love. I have a very laid-back style, I like colours and patterns, but I'm far from risqué, if I had legs for days and weeks, maybe it'd be a different story. Lucky Pony, luckypony.co.za Originally published in HL Jan/Feb 2015