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Iconic South Africa Fabric

Isn’t this fabric just delightful? Iconic South Africa by Alex Latimer features quirky, humorous illustrations of familiar South African personalities, animals and products that are certain to leave a smile on your face. You will be entertained for ages spotting South African favourites from all eras. Desmond Tutu makes an appearance alongside David Kramer and his red guitar and you will also be able to spot the bright green and white Zambuk logo, the coelacanth, Mrs Balls Chutney, Charlize Theron clutching her Oscar statuette and a variety of African wildlife, from the aardvark to the ostrich. We love that slightly more obscure items are included such as those bastions of style, the veldskoen and the golf ball post-box. The linen fabric comes in two shades – blue and stone – and the printed width is 138cm with a pattern repeat every 28cm vertically, which means that there is no pattern repeat across. The fabric is durable enough for upholstery and makes statement cushions which are sure to get your guests talking. Iconic South Africa fabric is available for R575 per metre from Abundant African Art’s website or ready-made into cushions from the i heart market in Durban.