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How to Use LEGO in your Home

Who says LEGO has to be left behind in childhood alongside Play-Doh and milk teeth? Of all the delights of our younger years, these colourful plastic blocks have to be one of the most difficult to let go of. So, why not make like many others across the world and import them into adulthood? People across the world have recast LEGO pieces into design and décor items that have functional uses within the home, and really, you have to agree, there are few better ways to add both colour and a sense of nostalgia to your living space. Homeowners have created everything from planters and wall clocks to tables and whole staircases from the toy building bricks. Just imagine how wonderful it must feel to walk into a room that bursts with fun and vibrancy thanks to a few well-placed LEGO furniture pieces and accessories – no doubt, it transports you right back to your good old salad days. To give you some inspiration so you can do the same in your own home, we’ve scoured the Web for pics of creative home uses for the construction blocks. Here are some of our favourites.

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