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How to use colour

Want to know how you can redecorate your space effectively? Artist Alex Hamilton talked to Expresso Breakfast Show host Katlego Maboe to give a few tips on how to make colours work in your home. ‘It’s important to consider colour when you’re displaying something,’ Alex explains, speaking of how effectively arranging your décor items in a colour gradient can pull the whole thing together. He encourages viewers to be bold with colour, adding that the light intensity in South Africa lends itself to vibrant colour use. ‘To create harmony with lots of bright hues, you have to fill in the inbetween colours, because you have your primary colours that form the base of it all. And that’s why I use all those inbetween colours to create the rainbow effect that I’ve got in my stencil portraits,’ Alex shares. Watch the full video below and if you’re in Cape Town this weekend, be sure to pop into Kamers at the City Hall to view Alex Hamilton’s mermaid-inspired work at the Kamers met Kuns exhibition, as well as find amazing local crafts, too! READ MORE STORIES HERE: Amazing moms in design Moooi rug revolution Top 5 local artisan online stores