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Hooks and Hangers

With summer around the corner, teasing at our skirts and marinating our skin, it’s time to hang up those heavy winter coats and showcase flushes of colour and translucent linens. We’ve assembled a range of hooks, stands and hangers to titivate your walls with garlands of colour, threads and trimmings. Use imposing stands to absorb open spaces; exploit them as decorative objects propped with straw hats and ribboned bows or with a functional objective, in foyers draped in overcoats and anoraks. These edgy wall hooks can transform a blank canvas into a feature wall – try suspending a vintage dress or attach them to the laces of your favourite pair of brogues. Levitate an open parasol between two hooks or drip them in jewellery - the options are endless, inspiring and perfect for a seasonal sprucing. For stocklists and contact details see:

  Text: Jess Suter