hlengiwe shakung is the face of shf for august


After a year of celebrating the taste and style of inspirational young South Africans, it is time to meet the last face of the new SHF generation: Hlengiwe Shakung. Hlengiwe is a chic and enthusiastic eSwatini-girl who now calls The City of Gold, home. Family and joyful interpersonal connection take centre stage in her life.

When it comes to enriching her community, there’s no stopping Hlengiwe. Knowing that she has the power to love and to help is a strong driver of the way she radiates her own signature style. Hlengiwe wears her altruism on her sleeve – to her, it’s the ultimate fashion statement. This makes her a worthy recipient of the last spot in the New SHF generation Hall of Fame and a R25 000 SHF voucher.

Hlengiwe's ambition is to travel the world with her family and to leave a positive and lasting impact on the communities in which she works. SHF enjoyed a day with Hlengiwe at the world-famous Cleopatra Mountain Guesthouse, where she shared her views on everything from charity, fitness and health to family, friends and what a comfortable, stylish lifestyle means to her.

the new shf generation

SHF set out to find young South Africans who are energetically redefining the way they live. This search has taken them around our vibrant country: from Cape Town and Durban, to Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg, unearthing 12 colourful, creative and charismatic characters who have made up the New SHF Generation.

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