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#HL Throwback Thursday

HL’s Creative Director Katherine Botes trawls through our archives to share some of the gems from our early days in print:

Should you desire to host a 'French direction' supper, look no further than this Marinated Camembert recipe:

Prick 3 ripe camembert cheeses all over with a needle. Place in a glass bowl and cover with dry white wine. Marinate the cheese for 6 hours, covered, and in a cool place. Pour off and reserve the wine. Process the cheese with 100g butter and 1T white wine in a food processor and add pepper to taste. Refrigerate in a bowl until firm. Shape and coat in toasted seeds (sesame seed, poppy seeds, linseed and fennel seed). Refrigerate. Serve with French bread or biscuits. This wine-flavoured soft cheese will keep for up to 4 days in the fridge.

Enjoy this #Throwback Thursday. Perhaps a fondue next?

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