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Geometrical wooden lighting


The Hemmesphere lighting range bears a trademark Japanese aesthetic with its geometric form, clean lines and anatomical influence. Distinctively contemporary in their design outlook, each of these wooden lights are beautifully crafted, with cage like structures that allow the light to filter through and create interesting silhouettes. Designed by Barend Massow Hemmes, this lighting range has global appeal and are the products of a life dedicated to taking a bold and innovative approach to interior design. Underpinning the design of the collection is a philosophy that celebrates the idea of play and experimentation while also taking an eco-conscious approach to design. House and Leisure readers are being treated to 20% off online purchases from the Hemmesphere lighting range. To take advantage of this promotion, use the following promo code at checkout: HLHEMMES20. Below are a few of our favourites from this unique collection.


378 The Mushroom is an earthy blend of sophisticated harmony and industrial effect, as the naked light bulb is set in the harmonious intersecting lines of latitude and longitude in this piece. An incredibly creative design, the Mushroom is a stunning centrepiece for any room. Source: Hemmesphere.

Teardrop with Copper Spinning

319 A clear inspiration of creativity, the Teardrop is enhanced with delicately spun copper giving the fixture and any space a decidedly modern elegance. Source: Hemmesphere.

Cube and Table Cube

345 A sturdy framed design, the Cube can be placed on any surface to enhance its design aesthetic, and is a substantial visual addition to any space. The Cube is also available in a beautiful hanging variation both of them enhancing the visual effect of a room. Source: Hemmesphere.

Globe with Copper Spinning

358 The sturdy precision of the globe – our core theme, is tweaked with a tip of the smooth warm glow of copper, adding a chic dimension to the elegant grid shadows. Alone or in a cluster, this timeless fitting suits interiors both modern and traditional. Source: Hemmesphere. Promo code valid until 20 December 2016. For more information, visit Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save