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In Search of Pattern in Portugal

Heather Moore

In the Design section of December 2016's issue of House and Leisure, we featured the adventures of Skinny laMinx founder, Heather Moore as she searched the streets of Lisbon for pattern inspiration. Lauded for her vibrant textile designs, Heather has a keen eye for detail and the ability to seek out beauty even in the most pedestrian of spaces. Her journey explored Lisbon as a world renowned destination for admiring beautiful tiles, called 'azulejos.' The art of Portuguese ceramic tiles dates back centuries and has become synonymous with the country's architectural landscape. Subway walls, urban flooring, windows and cityspaces were among the sources of inspiration that Heather drew on as she toured the city.

"I might be back in my familiar spaces but I still have those vibrant patterns imprinted on the backs of my eyelids. This city had my senses wide awake and on high alert from dawn till dusk," said Heather about her trip.
As an extension of the magazine feature, we asked Heather to share more photographs from her trip, paying attention to some of the designs, textures and colour ways that caught her eye. Enjoy. metro-tile-anjos08 metro-tile-santa-apolonia-05 metro-tiles-campo-penqueno-02 metro-tiles-parque04 metro-tiles-rossio04 tiled-facade-bairro-alto To see the full feature on Heather's stay in Lisbon, turn to page 34 of HL December 2016. Save