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Haute Heritage

WOMAG, SA's leading supplier in design-driven natural stone and porcelain tiles, has released their latest tile collection, Heritage, and it's the perfect combination of trendy yet timeless. HL chatted to WOMAG about this new range: Heritage-Mix-331.5x331.5-lowHeritage-Black-331.5x331.5 What's new about the Heritage Collection? This latest offering taps into the global interiors trend for patterned floors while illustrating the understanding that old invariably informs new. Available in four distinct colourways, this new Moroccan-inspired range of porcelain tiles is suitable for both wall and floor. Deco-Calzada-Ardesia-450x450x9mm-non-slip1 What makes the Heritage collection different? The tiles themselves are designed to mimic the intricate patterning of much smaller tiles and mosaics traditionally used in Moroccan homes. Their advantage of course is that they can be laid in a fraction of the time without foregoing the wonderful easy-on-the-eye effect. What are the available colourways?
  • Deco Heritage Black: With its black, charcoal and off-white patterning, this porcelain tile is ideal for spaces where a neutral palette is key. Geometric patterning creates visual interest while the use of black creates a 3D illusion. Décor Heritage Black is available in a 320x620x9mm tile. The tile retails at R454.
  • Heritage Black: For this design, four distinct geometric shapes together form a single tile. On-trend teal is prominent in this striking 331.5x331.5 tile which, like all the tiles in this collection, combines an astonishing 56 different patterns, enhancing the notion of a handcrafted product. The tile retails at R454.
  • Heritage Mix: For spaces where colour is key, this fun design features bold geometric shapes in a mix of yellows, greens, pinks, blues, and rustic reds. With so many colours and patterns incorporated into this distinctive tile, designers and decorators alike will love working with this versatile tile offering. This design is available in a 331.5X331.5 tile for R398 each.
  • Deco Lys Gris: This classically-influenced 320X620x9 mm tile features a muted palette of blue and grey hues, making it ideal for spaces that lean towards more old than new. With delicate detailing that mimics graphic vintage floral detailing like the fleur de lis, this tile will feel right at home in spaces where contemporary and traditional touches both feature. The tile retails at R454.
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