fill your home with treasures from gucci's new decor collection


As if we needed more reason to love Gucci, the fashion house has just unveiled a new decor line. Designed by creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci Décor will be launched in September on and in select Gucci stores worldwide, and promises to bring the magic that the brand traditionally serves on the catwalk straight into our homes. From gorgeous pillows to an unusual vanity seat and everything in between, the range simultaneously surprises and inspires, while firmly keeping to the spirit of the Italian label. In fact, each one of the patterns and motifs used is inspired by Gucci designs that have been used in the past.

So what can you expect from the new Gucci Décor range? Most notably, there will be an array of porcelain offerings such as tableware, cardholders, scented candles and incense burners produced in collaboration with the Gucci-owned Florentine company Richard Ginori. Partitions printed with striking images and colours will also be available, and for those who want to be surrounded by Gucci in all its glory, dress your walls in silk with unconventional wallpapers inspired by prints and collections from yesteryear.

Don’t expect new stores dedicated to Gucci Décor, though. Michele’s vision is simple: the decor will be placed strategically throughout the existing clothing stores to create one seamless fashion experience. After all, the decor range is ‘simply another way to dress in Gucci’.

With the combination of rich textures and hues as well as imagery of insects and animals from the Gucci Garden, there is something undeniably romantic and nostalgic about this collection. But it’s daring and bold, too – and therein lies the charm of Gucci Décor.