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Gratitude Inspires Art

Micky Hoyle

June will see designer Andile Dyalvane heading to New York's esteemed Friedman Benda Gallery for his first international solo show. Facilitated by Southern Guild and Source, by which Andile has been represented since 2008, this is arguably one of his biggest career milestones of his 15-year career. Moreover, he is one of just 15 artists and designers - including the likes of Marcel Wanders, Nendo and Wendell Castle - to be invited by Friedman Benda Gallery to create a limited edition solo collection. The work he will be exhibiting hinges on a Xhosa phrase 'Camagu' which he explains as 'a term predominantly voiced as exclamation in Xhosa, to show gratitude, mostly during ceremonious or revered occasions to give thanks to our ancestors for the manifested requests they have bestowed on us.'

andilesketch1600 A sketch by Andile.

The starting point for this body of work was the unstable earth crust in the landscape surrounding the Palo Alto Art Centre in California where Andile recently completed a residency programme. According to him it’s a place where earthquake survival kits are sold and the ever-present vulnerability of the ancient landscapes is unnerving. The way he speaks about the effect this had on him is as artful as the giant vessels he has created for the show, always drawing on his own point of reference of the areas in the Eastern Cape where he grew up. 'The Californian landscape has fractal designs and volcanic eruptions that protrude from within perfect crop circles. Plateaus fold in shifts that grow mountainous spires from what seems like quiet hillsides similar to ones that surround my home, Ngobozana village in the Eastern Cape,' he says.
andilemoodboard600 A moodboard showing some of the ideas and visuals, including natural landscape, architecture and a lot of stone and rock that has influenced Andile's process.

When Friedman Benda approached Southern Guild to help find an African designer and artist for them to represent, part of their brief was that the candidate showcases the glowing continent with works inspired by a distinct artistic and design experience. Andile was the obvious choice and for this 'Camagu' is his ultimate expression of gratitude. Andile Dyalvane's Camagu exhibition will be showing at Friedman Benda in New York from 23 June to 19 August.