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Give Textured Love

If the idea of sending a tired old greeting card, complete with a clichéd message leaves you feeling thoroughly bored, then it's time you took a look at Well Received – a stationary company that's offering a decidedly more inspiring version of the greeting card. The LA-based company was founded by designer Julie van Daele who wants to help inspire us to write to each other more. 'Today, when everything is a text or email or Instagram away , the practice of sending someone a hand-written letter goes an incredibly long way,' she told Always Composure recently. She's right, of course, and thanks to her own thoughtful designs, you'd be crazy not to give the greeting card another chance. From blank-inside cards that portray a beautifully printed texture on the front, including wood or marble or concrete, from her Textured All series to tastefully designed Thank You cards that portray Rorschach-like designs, or the 'ice breaker' card that simply says 'Hello' against a grey scale background of palette-knife paint strokes. Van Daele zooms in on details from a variety of different sources, including architecture, fashion, art and culture, resulting in sophisticated designs that allow the freedom for any message, while still offering up a tangible thought or idea through the design itself. Unfortunately, delivery does not yet extend to South Africa, but the UK, Sweden, France, Norway and Switzerland are all on the list. Check out the amazing designs at