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Geometric Fabrics

Geometric designs in decorative fabrics add vibrancy to your home and playful textures and patterns to a dull or understated room. They have to, however, be styled with caution to avoid pattern overload! Geometric fabrics are on trend, but it might be hard to know when is the right time to use them. HL asked Melissa Kerkhoff, owner and designer of Lula Fabrics for some advice on decorating with bold patterns and designs: 'If the room is large enough, then curtaining in a bold colourful geometric makes a wonderful statement and platform to build the rest of the room on. From here, you can incorporate other varied scale geometrics in the accents – like lampshades, scatters and ottomans,' shares Melissa. 'I’m also partial to a sofa upholstered in a strong geometric to anchor a room.' Lula Fabrics, a Cape Town-based company, is known for its strong patterns and elegant designs. Melissa founded it in 2007 and HL has featured her fabrics in the magazine on more than one occasion. We love the trendy designs – in varied ranges – that add contemporary flair to a room. Melissa continues, 'The advantages of bold patterns and designs is that they add a tribal and eclectic flavour to a scheme. They give your home's décor layout credibility and strength – there is great harmony and balance with bold patterns.' For more info on Lula Fabrics visit their website at Email Melissa on or see their list of distributors on the website. You can call the head office on 021-461-0620 and visit the exciting showroom in Cape Town at Unit 5 Canterbury Studios, 35 Wesley St, Gardens.