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4 tips for framing artworks

Displaying artworks in your home or office is a great way to incorporate your personality and identity into your interiors. Everyone knows that choosing the right piece of art for your space can be a pretty daunting task, but choosing a frame that will suit the piece best can be equally intimidating. With this in mind,  HL spoke to Anesh Gokool from Amber Bay and Inspired Design and asked him for a few helpful tips for framing and hanging your artwork.

1. know your aesthetic

Take into account your personal style and the style of your room because these two elements will dictate the kind of frames you should select to finish off the space. Complement the room's decor by selecting frame sizes, colours and shapes that fit in well with the space, otherwise you will never be satisfied with the final look.

2. be experimental and nostalgic

Don’t be afraid to use colour and frames of different sizes to create a feature wall. A gallery wall filled with photographs of family and friends can really give a house that homely feeling because it displays your favourite memories. Using frames of different colours and sizes will give the wall that extra bit of glamour and energy.

3. sizing is important

Be mindful of the furniture that will surround your artwork when choosing the size of the frame. Hanging anything too small above a large piece of furniture will overwhelm the picture in both weight and scale. Similarly, don’t hang anything too big over your furniture as this will make it look disproportionate.

4. frame memories, not just art

Don’t just frame the expensive pieces. Whether it’s one of your children’s drawings, a family photo or an expensive piece of art, framing is an expression of yourself, and different areas in your home can reflect the different eras of your life. For example, hang your child’s drawing in their bedroom and your more expensive artwork in the living room in order to balance your collection.

5. finally, do not...

Be careful not to place expensive artwork in direct sunlight – this can cause the print to fade from overexposure to light, limiting the lifespan of the artwork.

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