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Forever Rugs

There's just something about a beautifully designed rug that brings a space to life and gives it warmth and character. The luxurious carpets we've got our eyes on right now are those that are part of Hertex's Autumn/Winter 2016 range. Traditional with a little touch of modern, exquisitely dyed and made from cotton, viscose and wool blends, these floor gems are a must for your home this season. And not just for this season: these rugs are treasures that are designed to be kept forever, turning into true family heirlooms.

Crystal The Crystal rug, 240cm x 340cm, R9 300

The luxurious short pile Crystal rugs, with their sensual charcoal, silver, caramel and crème geometric shards, are perfect for elegant city living and will make a definite style statement in your house or apartment.
Guru Guru rugs, 160cm x 230cm or 200cm x 300cm, prices start from R5 200

The gorgeous Guru range of carpets puts a contemporary twist on the traditional Berber-style rug, with an understated yet sophisticated black, grey and white palette and the inclusion of diamond and zig-zag motifs. Both of the designs in the collection are made from 80% wool and 20% artificial silk yarns.
Memoir Memoir rugs, 240cm x 340cm

Elegant and intricate, these rugs are reminiscent of the carpets of ancient Persia and the Middle East. Flaunting greys, charcoal and tones of faded gold, the designs have an intriguing over-dyed, vintage look and are made from a chunky cotton and wool blend.
Casablanca Casablanca rugs, 200cm x 300cm, R11 100

Make a statement with the bold, geometric designs of the Casablanca rug range, which are meant to echo the nomadic look and feel of North Africa and of old Casablanca in particular, with its bustling markets and old-world charm. Made of 100% recycled polyester with the look of a cotton dhurrie, these versatile rugs are available in four colours and can be used both indoors and outdoors. For more information visit Hertex.